28 Dec

Christmas Musings

I have failed spectacularly in adding to this blog, for what turns out to be, several years.  My early 2018 resolution is to post more often (after all it couldn’t be less often) and when things are fresh in my mind.

I’m writing this Christmas 2017.  We’re nearly at the end of another year.  Time certainly seems to fly by these days.  I do wonder if it’s a function of being busy at work as it’s often hard to get out of the sleep, work, eat, sleep cycle and put more “quality” into one’s life.  Not that working doesn’t bring a quality of its own, I think it’s just that it really can feel like a treadmill when one is busy.  I do find that I become subsumed by my work and identified by what I do, and so find it hard to find the real “me”.  So just like the proverbial school report, I “must try harder”!

As the theme of this blog is celebration of the good things in life, today’s thought concerns having time to relax and do what I want to do, not what I have to do.  Having this time off over Christmas through to the new year, I can catch up on some sleep, manage some serious relaxing and at the same time fit in many of those tasks that just seem to take a backseat.  Here’s to some quality time away from the job!