12 Sep

Introducing the Eating Plan

As I mentioned in the last post, the household is moving towards a new “Eating Plan” which incorporates a low (or mainly low) carbohydrate approach into a gluten free (GF) diet.  There is a hint of “Paleo” about it but not completely as we’re continuing to eat dairy, especially yogurt and cheese.  We are also continuing to eat grains but these are being reduced – oats (GF) in moderation are extremely useful so will stay in while we see how it goes.

Potato will still be allowed but will be reduced to occasional inclusion rather than being a staple at most evening meals.  After all we have a crop of home-grown blue potatoes (no ordinary tatties for us!) and don’t want them to go to waste.

Vegetables will feature highly as they are excellent sources of nutrients, are gluten free and low in carbohydrate and help to fill up the plate and the tummy.  Protein in various forms will also feature highly although we want to try to limit the intake of processed meats such as ham or bacon.

In an attempt to keep my tummy comfy, I’m taking probiotics in the form of small, specialist yogurt drinks and so far, have managed to remember to take them daily.  Even if one day the memory only kicked in once I was tucked up in bed!

And, of course, I’m hopeful that my waistline and other areas will benefit from the new plan.  In a reduced kind of way, that is.