8 Sep

Turning Gluten Free – the new Eating Plan (not a diet!)

I have had a bad knee now for going on 3 months and the MRI scans haven’t shown anything to account for it other than a lot of fluid around the joint.  Which, apparently, suggests inflammation, which in turns suggests an autoimmune disease.  Anyway, investigative surgery is scheduled for this week but meanwhile we’ve decided to cut out gluten as research has shown that this can be a major cause of inflammation.  I already suffer from diverticular disease so I’m hoping that cutting out the gluten will help my tummy feel more comfortable for more of the time.

And thus the move to the new “eating plan”.  We’re trying really hard not to call it a diet as that sounds too much like deprivation and the plan combines several approaches of which high protein/low carbohydrate and gluten free are the major contributors.

It’s definitely going to be tough for me as I’m rather fond of my bread (you’d never guess from the website title would you?) and there are so many easy and quick snacks or meals which come under the heading of “something on toast”.  So the challenge is to find meals which cut out the gluten, reduce the carbohydrate content and yet, at the same time, don’t leave you feeling hungry or hard done by and which don’t take all day to prepare.

So watch this space to see how I get on with giving up my beloved bread and bread related products (pain au raisin anyone?) and I’ll share my experiences with you.